Frequently asked questions

Employee Account information

How do I access the Match Group Shop?
  • ALL employees will access the shop here
  • You will login using your Okta login credentials (employee email + password that you use to login to your brands Okta).
Who has access to the Match Group Shop?
  • ALL employees have access to the Match Group Employee Shop using their Okta login credentials (employee email + password that you use to login to your brands Okta).
Is the Match Group Shop available to all employees?
  • Yes! ALL employees will have the opportunity to shop the their favorite brands collections and purchase using Kudos Points, MG Credits, or their personal credit card.
I see the Kudos icon on items and my account. Am I able to use my Tinder Kudos rewards for payment?

Not at this time. Kudos will launch shortly after our summer program. 

Note that Tinder employees won’t have access to Kudos until Jan 2022. Tinder uses Kudos via Kazoo employee recognition program. Kazoo and Kudos are two different employee recognition platforms.

Credit & Payment information

How do I redeem my MG Credits in the Match Group Shop?
  • MG Credits are assigned to your account during specialty events & programs. The credits are only available for the duration of that event and any unspent balance will be removed at the end of the program.
  • You may use your MG Credit towards any item in the shop.
  • All items are in US Dollars.
How can I get more MG Credits?
  • MG Credits are exclusively available during individual brand or Match Group-wide events.
May I redeem my MG Credit for cash?
  • No. Your MG Credit can only be used in the Match Group Shop and is not transferable, refundable, or redeemed for monetary value.
Can I gift my MG Credits to a coworker or family member/friend?
  • No. MG Credits are assigned to employees confirmed to participate in the program and can not be transferred or donated to another employee or family member/friend. All employees must use their Okta login (work email address & password) to login before shopping in the Match Group Shop.
What happens if I never use my MG Credits?
  • If you don’t use your MG Credit by the end of the event, the balance will be returned to Match Group.
I am a few dollars over, can I pay the difference myself?
  • Yes! The Match Group Shop now accepts your personal credit card for payment!
  • If your total is more than your MG Credit balance, you’ll be prompted to enter a personal credit card should you want to pay the difference yourself.

Orders & Shipping

How will I know my order was placed?

When you place your order, we will send you an order confirmation email from Check your spam folder if you don’t see your order confirmation. If you still can’t locate your order confirmation please email us at

When will my order ship?

Most in-stock items ship within 1-2 business days, however due to COVID-related supply chain issues, some items might require an extended shipping time.

When will I receive my order?

All domestic orders usually arrive in 2-3 business days. International orders can take up to 5-7 business days.

Where do items ship from?

Your order will ship from our fulfillment center in Dallas, Texas via UPS shipping services. Please allow 2-8 business days for your gift to arrive at its destination depending on your delivery address. In the event of bad weather, natural disasters, and other uncontrollable events that may affect UPS shipping services, your shipment may be delayed. We will do our very best to make sure your shipment arrives on time, but once it leaves our fulfillment center, the care of your gift is in the hands of our shipping carrier. We're not responsible for carrier delays.

Can my order be shipped to PO Boxes?

Yes! All orders can be shipped to a PO Box if necessary. 

Do you ship internationally?

Of course! We can’t wait for our international employees to receive their Match Group Shop swag!

Will I be charged sales tax?

Match Group will cover all shipping costs and tax associated with each employee order that uses their MG credits provided by Match Group.

Employees that use a personal credit card for payment will be charged a small sales tax upon checkout if applicable.  

Will I pay for shipping if I order with my personal credit card?

No. Free shipping has been applied towards all employee orders regardless of what form of payment you use.

Who is responsible for paying duties and taxes for international shipments?

Not you! Match Group will cover all shipping costs, duties and taxes on international shipments.

Can I ship my order to my brand's office?

Yes. Just please make sure you enter the correct shipping address and notify your office team / mailroom so they can be on the lookout for your order and you can arrange for an appropriate time to pick it up. We’re not responsible for locating packages that are delivered to the offices. Please coordinate with your office team if you decide to have your gift sent to your office. 

What is the policy and process for returns?

Please note all orders are final once they’re placed. Returns will only be accepted for damaged or incorrect items received within 15 days of receipt. Returns cannot be made in exchange for another type of item. To report a damaged or incorrectly shipped item, please email us at within 15 days of receipt.

What if my order doesn’t fit?

All orders are final once placed unless damaged or incorrect. Please see our size guide for clothing items before submitting your order. Returns will only be accepted for damaged or incorrect items received within 15 days of receipt. Returns cannot be made in exchange for another type of item. To report a damaged or incorrectly shipped item, please email us at within 15 days of receipt.

Can I return or exchange my gift?

We do not accept returns or exchanges unless the item is damaged or defective. To report a damaged or incorrectly shipped item, please email us at within 15 days of receipt.

How can I look up my order?

Once your order is placed, you will receive an Order Confirmation via email which will link you directly to your Order Details page.

Will I receive tracking information?

Absolutely! When your order is out for shipment, we’ll send you a shipping confirmation email to your work email with a UPS tracking number.

How can I track my order?

Once your order is out for shipment, we’ll send you a shipping confirmation email with a UPS tracking number.

I received tracking information and my address is wrong.

Please contact us immediately at to report an incorrect shipping address. We'll reroute the gift to the correct address if the package is still en route or work with you to make sure you receive your order.

I received tracking information, but my gift never arrived.

Please contact us immediately at to report a missing shipment. We will work with you to make sure you receive your order.

Can I make changes to my order?

Please contact us immediately at to determine if your order can be changed prior to order processing and shipment.

Can I cancel my order?

Order processing begins after you click on the submit button therefore it may not be possible to cancel your order. Please contact us at to determine if your order can be canceled prior to order processing. 

My order is wrong.

Oh no! Please contact us immediately at to report an incorrect or missing item in our order. We will work with you to make sure you receive your correct order. Our goal is 100% accuracy.

One of the items in my order is damaged, what should I do?

If your gift arrived with one or more damaged or defective items, please contact us at We’ll send a replacement ASAP. Please note that for limited quantity items or items that are out of stock, we’ll work with you to send a replacement of equal value.

Sustainable & Give Back Collection

We choose our suppliers and materials with care, and we are continually looking for opportunities to make our products more sustainable. From working with local partners to vendors overseas, we prioritize sustainability and transparency. Sourcing responsibly is a journey, with new best practices being developed every day. We’re excited by the opportunities to learn and lead. Below you’ll find brands that we’ve added to the Match Group Shop to continue our efforts to do good and give back.


Apple is carbon neutral. And by 2030, every Apple product will be too. We partner closely with suppliers to conserve resources and eliminate waste. And our initiatives go beyond conservation to support businesses and community partners in their environmental efforts. Apple has eyes and ears on the ground in hundreds of facilities in more than 50 countries. We partner closely with our suppliers to help them meet and exceed our workplace and environmental requirements. We also engage with independent human rights and environmental organizations and openly share our tools and learnings with other companies and industries. 


We built Away to be a company that has a positive impact, from the way we design our products to the way we connect communities. Everything we make is thoughtfully designed and built to last— so you’ll never need to replace it. It’s our way of cutting down on waste. How we make our products matters too, which is why we choose to work with suppliers who have processes that cut back on waste. We’ve also partnered with Global Glimpse, a nonprofit organization that provides travel and leadership programs to high school students from diverse backgrounds across the country. 

Baboon to the Moon

Our mission is to promote adventure while trying not to destroy Mother Earth. We believe that fast fashion and cheap disposable purchases are BAD. Products should be high quality and last over time. Our bags come with a lifetime warranty and our packaging is made from recycled materials. Before Baboon to the Moon existed, we met extensively with our future factory owners and visited with their workers and artisans. We wanted to ensure that all factory and partners were fully audited and approved not to use child labor or unfair labor practices.


We are a green company through and through - taking every opportunity we can to reduce our co2 emissions. Our manufacturing facilities and LA Headquarters produce almost no landfill because we recycle pretty much everything that can't be turned into a tee. We've optimized our cutting to reduce plastic use, and excess fabric is recycled into a number of things like baby bibs or stuffing for upholstery. Let nothing go to waste!

Big Accessories

Big Accessories works only with factories who share our commitment to manufacturing quality products that are responsible and provide a safe and healthy working environment for all employees. We make sure each factory meets all legal, wage, child labor, overtime, health, safety and environmental standards required by the country of manufacture.

Gildan Brands / Comfort Colors

Beyond making great quality products, we want to positively change how apparel is made. Our ownership of our facilities and our expertise in making the products we sell allow us to implement leading environment, social and governance (ESG) practices into every stage of the process. This allows us to improve the impacts we have on our people, their communities and the environment where we operate. We are committed to Genuine Responsibility®, a social, environmental and governance program that guides how our apparel is designed, made and sold. It is embedded in the decisions we make, the actions we take and the future we envision for our Company. Making Apparel Better… that’s our vision!


Herschel has launched We've Got Your Back™, a new initiative aimed at helping their global community in times of need, encompassing a variety of charitable projects with an initial focus on supporting essential workers and frontline healthcare professionals. Herschel has also established a school donation program designed to support families in need. The ongoing project will pledge backpacks to students across North America through direct coordination and communication with school districts, school boards, and educational institutions. 

Independent Trading Corp.

We hold our factories to the highest ethical and environmental standards. Our factories are annually inspected by a non-affiliated third party auditing company. Our factories are WRAP (Worldwide Responsible Apparel Production) certified. WRAP is an independent, non-profit organization dedicated to the certification of lawful, humane and ethical manufacturing throughout the world. The objective of the Apparel Certification Program is to independently monitor and certify compliance with the following standards, ensuring that a given factory produces sewn goods under lawful, humane and ethical conditions.

Los Angeles Apparel

We are contrarians, deeply focused on sustainability and efficiency in order to advance the interests of our customers, our workers, our shareholders, the community and the world. We continue to lead the charge on ethical production practices and nearly 100% of our production and shipping byproducts are recycled — including our scrap fabric, paper, boxes, plastic and everything that goes into manufacturing garments. We develop our products with comfort, function, durability and sustainability as key concepts for timelessly effortless pieces to incorporate into your day to day.


Nomad is and always will be a company that prioritizes design and quality over everything else. One of the most important aspects to us when designing new products is that we use the highest quality, longest-lasting materials available. We design all of our concepts from the ground up, rather than white labeling existing products. We choose materials that stand out and outlast. It costs more to do so, but the cost isn't as important as the value that doing so creates.


Aiming to focus the regulated international standards, Yupoong® Inc. has developed and advanced their manufacturing facility to achieve superior standards that comply within the regulations of the international labour laws. With state of the art systematic scientific manufacturing facilities in Bangladesh and Vietnam, we have a respectable vendor compliance record and are proud to have achieved recognized standards and certifications. Using manufacturing processes, materials, components, and trims carefully selected to comply with stringent international ethics is our standard practice of business.